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We are an exporter of fresh apples and blueberries from Poland to the markets of The Middle East, India and Bangladesh.

From the orchards of Poland.

We supply premium apples and blueberries from Poland to international Customers.
To get the very best fruits to You, we have developed trusted relationships between selected Grower over many years.

We have gained business experience in the production, storage and export of vegetables and fruit. Thanks to years of work on the Polish market, we have met the best and reliable farmers and built the foundations of today's export company. We only work with manufacturers who provide the highest quality products.

The scale

150,000 cartons

apples per year

Thanks to Our partners, our fruits can be found in shops in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and Bangladesh.

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We pack the apples in 18,20 kg net carton , arranged in 5 layers covered with plastic bag.
There are 56 boxes per wooden pallet (100 x 120 cm).

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Blueberries are usually in clamshell 125 g packages, placed in 330 x 235 x 100 mm cartons, which are then placed on industrial pallets 100 × 120 cm.

Bardo team
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Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Agnieszka Powierza Photo



Accounting Officer, Co-founder
Maja Herbowska Photo



Purchasing Manager, Documentation officer

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